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Faygo has been in the soda making business for over 100 years and they are credited with making the first sodas with twist off caps that give us the famous “Pop” sound. Since the founders were originally bakers they made faygo a little sweeter to resemble their icings. Many flavours to choose from;

Faygo Cream Soda - Even though it looks like water, the cream soda flavour will make you feel like your floating on sweet vanilla clouds

Faygo Cotton Candy - When you taste faygo cotton candy, the sweet taste will have you flooded with memories of carnival rides and circus shows. 

Faygo Cola - Every brand has to have their own version of the classic cola we all love. But faygo’s cola is on a league of its own!

Faygo Grape - One of the first three flavours that Faygo ever released , this pop is a sweet classic modelled after their own grape frosting recipe. 

Faygo Moon Mist - An out of this world citrus blend flavour brought to you directly from the moon!

Faygo Pineapple - Faygo has found a way to bring the tropics to you. You can crack open a bottle at any time and transport yourself to the beaches of the coast 

Faygo Redpop - Another one of the three original icing flavours the owners turned into pop. Try their classic strawberry Redpop soda is a definite must try!

 Faygo Raspberry Blueberry - Who hasn’t mixed a red and blue slushy before? They have taken that perfect blend of flavours and bottled it up for you to take on the road!