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Do you think you know cotton candy? Well think again. Storybook has created a whimsical line of gourmet cotton candy with a huge selection of flavours that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

Bacon - Don’t knock it till you try it, This bacon cotton candy has a sweet yet smoky flavour to delight your taste buds! 

Banana Split - Enjoy your favourite cold treat without the risk of a brain freeze. Combining Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana cotton candy to create a unique experience. 

Blue Raspberry - The most popular candy flavour universally has now arrived in cotton candy format!

Bubblegum - This cotton candy had blow us away! The classic flavour of pink bubblegum, now without the hassle of chewing.

Chocolate Strawberry - What is better then the tart strawberry flavour meeting a rich chocolate finish? Not having to make them, that’s what this fluffy treat is for. 

Churro - Bringing our favourite Mexican treat from south of the border into a fluffy form. It tastes and feels like a cinnamon dusted cloud! 

Cookies & Cream - America’s favourite cookie is now in cotton candy form. 2 layers of chocolate with one layer of vanilla swirled in, you can eat them separate or together!

Frosted Donut - The only thing this cotton candy is missing, is a good cup of coffee next to it! Combining strawberry and vanilla glaze flavours to bring that fresh bakery taste to you ! 

Pancakes & Syrup - Who says you can’t have breakfast for dessert or vice versa? Open this jar to blur the lines and enjoy it at any time of day!

PB & J - The classic flavour combination that was a staple in most of our childhoods is now in our favourite airy treat! Try this peanut butter and jelly 

Pickle - Calling all dill pickle lovers!! Now you can have the amazing taste in a sweet cotton candy form!

Strawberry Cheesecake - You can now enjoy the taste of one of the hardest desserts to make anytime you want. This cotton candy will melt in your mouth like the best cheesecake you’ve ever had!

Spicy Jalapeño - For everyone who likes to live on the wild side, and isn’t satisfied with just sweet things. The Spicy Jalapeño Cotton Candy perfectly combines sweet & hot into a cloudy treat